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What is Facebook Marketing?

There are a staggering 2.9 billion active users on Facebook every single month across a wide range of age groups. This is a gold mine for companies to conduct advertising in order to reach the largest audience possible. We at Busy Bee know this and would like to help you reap the benefits of effective marketing.

Much more than just making a sale, our marketing campaigns focus on helping you connect and reach out to customers; gaining their trust and support over the long term.

The benefits of effective
Facebook Marketing?

Building Trust

Social media is a way for brands to connect with their target audience. When a viewer interacts with the post or has an impression on it, over the long run, they will grow attachment to the brand and trust it more.

Improve Conversion

By driving quality traffic to your website as a result of our Facebook ads, you are much more likely to convert visitors into sales.

Large Impressions

In marketing, impression refers to when a user has seen your advertisement. With such a large and active user base, Facebook is an amazing platform when you want large swaths of people to see your advertisement.

Share News and Events

By having a platform of loyal followers, it is very easy to quickly and effectively share company news and events.

Improve Brand Image

When users see informative and helpful posts from brands, they will associate positivity with that brand. Posting regularly can help brands create, improve and maintain an amazing brand image in the eyes of consumers.

Reach Competitor’s Audience

Since the fans of competing brands most likely share the same type of interest, it is quite easy to reach the audience of competitors through Facebook’s interest tagging system.

Why engage us?

Upholding Transparency Sales1
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Every step of the way, we want to guarantee that you are in the loop and knowing that your investment is put to good use. Everything from design to execution, we will work right alongside you.
Bees are Efficient2
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We will fully utilize skills and knowledge to deliver the best campaign for you in the quickest turnaround possible.
Personalized Campaign3
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There is no one size fits all when it comes to planning a marketing campaign for any company or brand. Each one is different in its own right and we strive to tailor our plans to fit your requirements.
All in One Platform4
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Being providers of many different branding services, we can make sure that your Facebook marketing campaign ties in seamlessly with all of your other products.
Proficient in multiple languages5
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The bees that work here have great literacy in English, Chinese and Malay. No matter your audience, we can make your ideas shine to them!
Fast Response6
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We keep track of how your campaign is performing at all times and will quickly make tweaks to ensure we are hitting those key performance indicators.

Bringing success to your Facebook Marketing doorstep.

Our Bees follow these bulletproof steps to create powerful Facebook advertising campaigns.


Consult The most important discussion to kickstart any campaign. We will consult with stakeholders regarding the desired outcome and objectives of the Facebook campaign.


Planning Once objectives are well defined, we will draft out a plan and present it to you for approval before we begin implementing the content.


Content Creation We’ll get the Bee-team together to create all the content you will need to run an effective campaign. Making sure everything is at the top of their game.


Design Next will be creating the design of the actual post itself. Be it image based, video based or even text based. We’ll find out where and how it’ll be shown and design around your customer base.


Publish With the design settled and content created, we will proceed with publishing the advertising content up onto Facebook and have it ready to be shown to visitors.


Advertise Tweaking settings, target demographic and setting budget limits to help your advertisement perform exactly how you envisioned it.

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Facebook is the biggest social media platform with billions of active users constantly posting, liking, sharing and reacting to content from friends and other brands. Marketing is the use of platform tools to connect with relevant users for your brand on Facebook.

Marketing refers to the act of promoting your product and services through both paid and free channels such as regular page posts. While advertising refers to the use of paid tactics. Our Bees have been providing both marketing and Facebook advertising throughout Penang, Malaysia.

Ask any of our Bees and they will say creativity and engagement. The best advertisements are ones which engage the user’s interest and make them stop to look at the content. We don’t want users simply just scrolling by and dismissing your advertisement as just another ad.

Most of the time, due to the staggering usage statistics of Facebook, marketing on the platform is a great way for brands to increase their conversions and generate leads for business. But many factors also affect this such as the quality of marketing.

The price per click changes according to market demands for a given market segment. We will help you along the way to determine the most effective number and tweak it to stay competitive throughout the campaign.

Generally with Facebook ads, funny and creative posts full of personality works best in attracting and keeping audience attention. Our Bees will work with you to find out what works best for you and your audience.

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