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Busy Bee is a band of young, talented and ambitious Bees wanting to make a change in the world through Videography. We want to create videos for brands that have an impact. We want to create videos that will get brands noticed.

Another key step we provide aside from just video production is advertising services. It takes much more than just posting a video for it to reach the masses, proper advertising strategies are needed; and we can get you there.

Why is Video Marketing a Trend?

Increase Customer Engagement1
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According to HubSpot’s research, 66% of respondents said they visited a website after watching a branded video. Proving that it is a great form of increasing customer engagement and interest in a brand’s products.
Improve SEO2
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Google has improved to a point where its machine learning can recognise thousands of image elements within a video. Having a whole catalog of keywords in video format can prove to be a significant SEO advantage.
Make Brands More Memorable3
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Our past experience as a video marketing studio in Penang shows us that video uses much more of our five senses. This means the information presented in a video is much more easily retained by viewers compared to text.
Videos are great at converting leads4
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Giving better ideas of the product or service, videos can drive consumer confidence when shopping and help generate more sales from leads. Better trust in brands generally leads to better sales.
Videos are shared more5
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From a marketing perspective, videos can reach audiences much faster as they are shared 1200% more in social media. Since people find videos more entertaining, they are much more likely to help spread it.

How we get you on the big screen

Proven formulas that will get your video out to the world


Plan Defining goals and target outcomes for the video. This is based on your requirements and what you want the video to achieve


StoryBoard Once planning has been completed, our creative bees will start storyboarding out the video, making a sketch of the key frames that need to be present.


Talent Acquisition To ensure your video is a roaring success, our next step is to put together a team of bees with all the talents needed to bring your video project to life. This includes videography, editor, effects, voice over bees to name a few.


Shooting With the team together and ready to go, shooting can commence where our aim is to obtain raw footage of your products and services that will be used throughout the video.


Editing Taking the raw footage back to our labs, we will now begin the editing process to turn good raws into great videos. We will communicate with you throughout the steps to align the final product with your intentions.


Present WIth a final product in hand, we will present the video to you for approval and add any final touches that are necessary to make it truly shine.

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Having provided video marketing services in Penang. We would define video marketing as using visual media such as how-to videos, explainer videos, product promotional videos etc. to promote and raise awareness for a brand’s offerings.

Busy Bee brings with us a wealth of experience and skills to create amazing cinematography that will get you noticed. Instead of $5 explainer videos you can find on Fiverr, we work with clients every step of the way to make an end product that truly appeals to their customer base.

YouTube marketing is just one of the many services that we have on offer. We can easily help you market your video on a whole variety of platforms. Our expert marketing bees will work with you to find a platform that will reach your intended audience and generate the best ROI for you.

With the sharp rise in popularity of social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Tik Tok; video consumption has skyrocketed. As such, using video to promote products is an ever increasingly effective way of being seen by potential customers.

Research by Hubspot has shown that all age groups from 18-54 have shown a consistent preference for video content compared to reading emails, text and blogs. So pretty much everyone loves a good video.

Busy Bee offers various marketing services in order to get your video seen by consumers. However, you are also free to distribute your video as you see fit. Perhaps you can post it on a video platform, embed it in your website or even as part of your email newsletters.

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