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Located in Penang, Busy Bee is your premier partner for cutting-edge branding, e-commerce, marketing strategies, and web design. We specialize in empowering Malaysian brands to captivate the next generation of digital consumers.

Passion to
drive brands higher.

Busy Bee is founded by two young and talented entrepreneurial bees with relentless passion in helping companies elevate their brands to a new height. Aside from offering web design in penang, our bees are also professionals in setting up e-commerce platforms and creating marketing campaigns centered around your target audience. So sit back, relax and watch our bees generate honey for your business!

How will our bees
work for you?

There is a plethora of services that can be applied when creating a brand’s footprint. While the perfect combination is different for every brand depending on their target audience; our hard working bees at Penang are always on standby to walk you through the intricate steps on leveraging the services we have on offer. The end result? A fully personalized digital battle plan for generating leads to your business.

Bees are hardworking

Bees are hardworking and result oriented creatures who will stop at nothing until your goals are achieved. We firmly believe the results of our bees will speak for themselves.

Bees are Multi-talented

Worker bees have been known to be able to switch roles within the colony. As such our bees are incredibly skilled in multiple aspects ranging from web design, to e-commerce and even various forms of digital advertising.

Personalized Approach

Our team of bees will work with your business to find the perfect combination of services to suit your needs without all the frills and hassle.

Providing a One-stop Solution

Busy Bee is not only a web design company. We strive to provide you with all the tools you need to effectively reach your target audience.

Bees are loyal
We will always have your back. Regardless if it is before, during or after the project, there is no length our bees would not go to in order to solve your problems.
Our Bees are multilingual
Having a high level of language proficiency is crucial in Malaysia. It allows our bees to deliver content not just in Penang, but to also bring your brand global be it in English, Chinese or Malay.


Helping generate honey to the following compaines

Some of the amazing projects our bees have worked on.

Web Design / Felement

Branding / eco mum & baby

eCommerce / CM2

Social Media Marketing / HOMIE


A poorly designed website can hurt user experience and create negative images regarding your brand. While a professionally designed one can work wonders in generating sales. With an estimated 2 billion users who are planning to shop online this year, this is an area many businesses cannot afford to miss out on.

Responsive web pages will reformat itself to fit the screen format of the device that is viewing it. To guarantee great user experiences for all your users, having responsive design is a must!

Our bees work directly with customers to understand their needs and goals before coming up with an end product. From start to finish we aim to create products that are tailor made for each individual business. Additionally, we also offer value added services such as branding and advertisement to help you reach a bigger market.

Our bees will work with you directly to gather requirements as well as understand your brand profile. We will then create and design a beautiful website for you before finding the right hosting to keep your new site running 24/7.

E-commerce propels your store into the hands of many more users. Instead of needing to visit a physical store, an ecommerce website will help you list, sell and accept payments online. To add to this, many ecommerce websites can integrate various data collection tools offering an insight into your consumer habits.

Our experience in running e-commerce platforms around Penang allows us to say that many businesses which operate a stall selling products regardless of size are a great fit to run e-commerce. Doing so will open you up to a bigger consumer market and in turn helping you grow faster.

Branding is the image that customers associate with your company/ product. Regardless if you are aiming for affordable and mass market or exclusive and premium; having the right brand image helps to communicate to the right customers about your company values and personality.

Our bees have experience in many marketing fields throughout Malaysia. We can help you run marketing campaigns on social media, manage digital advertising such as email newsletters, produce video advertisements, create banners and many more. We even offer professional copywriting services to further enrich your content.

Don't settle for good.
Let us help you bee perfect.

The bees are eager to work together with you.

Busy Bee is just a call away so ring us up to take your brand to a new level.