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Our arsenal of digital advertising services

With a whole plethora of services on offer, we assure you that there is one for every business use case.

Search Engine

Search Engine

Paid Google advertising which appears as text on the top of pages when users search for related products or services. Compliments SEO to make sure you are seen by internet users.



Advertising that lives on websites and is displayed alongside website content. These usually are images or short animations that grab the user’s attention.

Online Video

Online Video

Pop out videos that advertise a company’s products or services to customers on other websites or apps. Great for user engagement compared to regular text advertising.

Streaming Media

Streaming Media

Ever saw advertisements in youtube videos? With an ever increasing market capitalization, as more users are leaning towards streaming services in lieu of cable, viewership is constantly increasing. Companies can tap into this huge market by advertising on top of the streamed content.



Similar to streaming media, audio advertising refers to playing audio adverts before or after the main content found in music or podcasts.

Social Media

Social Media

A behemoth in the online marketing space, users spend an average of 2 hours 27 minutes on social media each day. Take for example, having Facebook ads on its platform can generate an immense amount of traffic for your website.

Why should you focus on the Best Performing Digital Advertising Channel?

Google Ads1
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People are four times more likely to click on advertisements such as Google Ads than any other platform. With Google, you can target specific demographics effectively and increase the likelihood of converting visitors into sales.
Facebook Ads2
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Facebook being a major social media channel is great for reaching audiences of all age groups. As the focus is much less on trends and more on sharing social experiences, it has built a relatively evenly spread user base. It is a safe bet to assume that your target audience can be found through Facebook Ads.
Instagram Ads3
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The bread and butter advertising platform for photogenic products that are aimed at a younger audience. With our user centric approach to content creating, we know our way around designing advertisements that are visually engaging.
Tik Tok Ads (video)4
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With a focus on quick, authentic and short videos, Tik Tok is an amazing platform to promote trendy brands. Users are more engaged on Tik Tok platform due to the media type, and engaged users are more likely to interact with advertisements. Rest assured, Busy Bee has countless years of experience creating video ads in Penang.
LinkedIn Ads (business profession)5
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Perhaps your target audience is other corporate users. In this case we can help by posting LinkedIn Ads. Writing professional content so that you are able to generate conversions on LinkedIn.
SEO Links Outreach (Rank website)6
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There is only so much a single website can do. Which is why we need the help of other authoritative websites. Busy Bee’s experience in digital marketing in Penang allows us to conduct extensive research to manage outreach links in other websites. Placing strategic links to websites that support your content will help increase your SEO ranking.
Email Marketing7
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Maintaining and engaging with a mailing list can be the key to keeping your customers up to date on promotions and other company news. Thoughtful design and helpful content will make customers look forward to receiving the next newsletter from your company.
Media buying (third party ads platform)8
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More traditional advertising methods are also available such as through newspapers and placing advertisements on other websites. Our Bees will skillfully design and engage with relevant parties to get your ads up and running.

Important metrics for digital advertising

Cost Per Clicks (CPC)

The price paid to advertising platforms per user that clicks on the advertisement. An important metric in online advertising to measure the value being generated by an advertising campaign.

Users (New & Existing)

Having a website that exists on the web propels businesses into the eyes of many across the globe. Allowing you to reach a whole different scale of visibility.

Bounce Rate

Our Bees look at bounce rate to measure the relevance of content to consumer wants. A high bounce rate means users are spending less time on the website before leaving while a low rate signifies they have found content that they are interested in.

Click Through Rate (CTR %)

A measurement of how many users actually click or interact with your advertisement. High click through rate means more interested visitors that can create leads for your business.

Converts Clicks to Sales

By following template web design as the basis of your website, we ensure that the fundamentals of a great web page is built in from the very beginning.

Customer Convenience

Websites provide a platform for customers to interact and learn about your business at their own leisure. By making your customer’s life easier, this can translate to improved sales for your business.

Clicks & Impression

When your advertisement is shown to an audience, this refers to an impression. They have seen your advertisement but need not have taken any action. On the other hand, clicks are visitors who have actually interacted with the advertisement and have been led to your platform. Usually clicks will be more costly due to the much higher chance of a conversion.

Traffic (Organic & Paid)

Organic traffic is the natural traffic occurring from visitors who found your website through regular search engine results where SEO will play an important part in the amount of organic traffic.

Traffic (Organic & Paid)

Paid traffic on the other hand refers to traffic that has been routed to your website as a result of campaigns such as Google advertising.

Designing a digital marketing campaign for you.

We want your campaign to generate as much sales as possible, and we follow these 6 proven processes


Know Your Budget Defining your budget plays an important role in dictating the scale of your marketing campaigns. High budgets usually generate more sales since they can attract users on many platforms. But even with a more limited budget, having focused advertising will also prove beneficial.


Map Out Sales Figures Our Bees will map out an estimate on the sales figure of the ad campaign so we know what to define as a success. This allows us to monitor performance in real time later on during the campaign.


Choose Your Sales Channel Choosing the correct platform to reach customers is important. Especially if you do not have a behemoth budget. We have been creating Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube video ads in Penang and have thus learned the ins and out of each platform. Busy Bee promises that we will spare nothing to help you select the most optimal channel(s) for your campaign.


Monitor & Optimize Ads While running your advertising campaign our Bees will be around 24/7 to monitor their performance and tweak settings as data rolls in to ensure we are headed in the correct direction.


Report Your Performance Once the campaign has ended, a detailed report regarding what was achieved, key statistics and insights are drawn up so you may know exactly how your money has been spent and the benefits it has brought.


Scale Taking the successes of the previous campaign we can help to further scale the reach of your advertisements as your business grows.

The brands we put on the spotlight.

Our platforms and expertise have been generating leads and sales for these top brands

Our Social Media Packages

There is one to suit every need


  • Manage 1 Facebook Page only
  • Up to 4 Posting/month
  • Advertise 1 Existing Post




  • Manage Facebook & Instagram Page
  • Up to 8 Posting/month
  • 2 Advertising Post
  • 1 Short Video




  • Manage Facebook & Instagram Page Creation
  • Up to 15 Posting/month
  • 5 Advertising Post
  • 2 Short Video




Digital marketing aims to raise awareness of the brand and connect with target audiences while building brand reputation. Digital advertising is content that will drive this audience to sales. Here at Busy Bee we believe the two go hand in hand and should be offered as a whole package to our esteemed clients.

Definitely. While some traditional companies still view digital advertising with skepticism, completely avoiding it would result in the business losing out on a platform that consumers turn to at all hours of the day. Our Google advertising can get you to the top of all relevant search requests.

The online advertising our bees conduct always has a consumer-centric approach. We believe the biggest mistake in digital marketing is making the motive very salesy and brand-centric as this will deflect interest away from the product.
As the premier video ads studio in Penang, we love creating video because consumers love it! More than a billion hours of video content is consumed on Youtube every day. It is one of the most engaging advertising formats and we would recommend it to nearly all businesses.
Being result driven means having well defined key metrics to measure the KPI (key performance indicator) of a marketing campaign. Considering the indicators mentioned above on this page, which is most important should reflect the results you are trying to achieve.

Most paid advertising forms should generate results for you within a couple of days. But content writing, email list building, SEO optimization requires months of persistence and patience. Luckily, those traits reflect in every Bee.

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