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Here at Busy Bee, we like to say that attention to detail is what matters the most when it comes to company logos. Your logo has to tell a thousand words to the audience; hence, we put utmost care into selecting the best color pallets, fonts and imagery to craft your logo exactly the way you want customers to see you.

Seeing as a logo serves as the primary face of the brand to many consumers, we know how important it is for you. We strive to create designs that make the best first impression to your customers.

What to consider when making your logo?

It is the face of your business1
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A logo serves as the primary identifier of your business to consumers. It serves to remind consumers of their interactions with your brand. Which is why it is crucial to set the tone right with the correct company logo.
It drives consumer decision making2
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A good logo will help consumers make decisions on how to interact with your brand just from a glance. From your logo visuals, it sets the idea of what type of ideology they think the brand upholds as well as the expectations towards the brand.
Quick brand recognition3
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It needs to be easily recognisable and unique among a sea of brands. Consumers want to be able to quickly identify your brand just from a glance.
Scalability of logo4
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As your business expands, you will be using your logo in marketing, posts, name card designs, posters and many more. Consider the ability of the logo to scale with your business needs.
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Great logos strive to attain minimalism. It does not have to overcomplicate and should be able to deliver the message to audiences within split seconds.
Anchor it to a core concept6
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As a leading logo design firm in Penang, all the logos we craft are centered around a core concept that expresses the values of the underlying brand.
Timelessness of Logo7
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You want your logo to live and grow with your brand. The most crucial part of this is creating a timeless design, one which can survive the constantly changing trends of the market.
Having the right color and fonts8
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As we all know, colors and fonts invoke subconscious feelings within us. Hence, it is impeccable to choose the correct colors and fonts in your company logo to give consumers the best feeling that corresponds to your brand.

What makes a good logo creation ?


Keep it simple to quickly and effectively convey your brand to the audience.


It should be able to serve as the face of your brand in any format.


Needs to survive the flow of time and live alongside your brand.


The design needs to correspond with your brand values.


Great logos must stick with consumers and remind them of their experiences with you.


The best brand logos serve to distinguish the brand from other competitors.

Browse the amazing logos we’ve created

eco mum & baby

100% natural, plant-based, toxic free and effective products that are safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.

MyCore Academy

The Academy specialized team helps students from outside Malaysia to obtain high school certificate equivalency so they can register in the Ministry of Education.

Aloha Patisserie

Establishments producing and selling flour-based food like cakes, cookies, and pastries are what bakeries are all about.

Principles in designing quality brand logos.

Our tried and tested methods of creating timeless logos


Creative Brief With your willingness to work with our Bees, we will conduct a creative brief with you to understand your business, market and design preferences.


Design Roundtable With knowledge of your preferences in hand, our designer Bees will conduct a roundtable discussion with you regarding styling queues to be used on your logo.


Logo Creation Once everything is locked and loaded, we get right to work creating concept logos for you to choose from. Making sure it is perfect in your eyes.


Logo Authentication When you have confirmed with us your preference, we will finalize the logo and send the final product right over to you.

Our Logo Design Packages

There is one to suit every need

Package A

  • 1 Logo Design
  • 2 Option with color
  • 3 Time RevisionBased on selected design
  • PSD/PNG/JPEG fileWill be provided upon job completion



Package B

  • 1 Logo Design + Business Card
  • 4 Option with color
  • 5 Time RevisionBased on selected design
  • PSD/PNG/JPEG fileWill be provided upon job completion



Package C

  • 2 Logo Design + Business Card + Letterhead
  • 6 Option with color
  • 8 Time RevisionBased on selected design
  • PSD/PNG/JPEG fileWill be provided upon job completion




A logo is the first thing that people see when looking at your brand. First impressions are immensely important and our experience can get you off on the right foot with customers.

While the standard turnaround time is around 3 weeks, this is very subjective to our current workload. You are always welcome to speak to our Bees to get a clearer estimate for your project.

While we are a logo design studio in Penang, we would gladly work with you regardless of geographical location. With the amount of online collaboration tools, it would be a breeze.

Yes, all copyright will be transferred to you after the completion of the project. We only ask that you allow us to display the logo in our portfolio.

Yes, we offer name card design services as this is also another aspect in which customers will see your brand.

During the design process, you are free to request any changes you do not agree with. Our goal is to create the perfect logo for you and will continue to do so until you love the final product.

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