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When opening up your e-commerce platform to online shoppers, you are no longer competing in the local market. Your service area may be the whole city, country or the world. It is imperative for businesses to make swift and decisive action to stay one step ahead of others.

Friendly neighborhood Bees who want to see your e-commerce sales fly high!

Otherwise it gets lonely up in the skies.

Here at Busy Bee we have been offering e-commerce marketing throughout Penang. Hence we know the tremendous power of an e-commerce website to generate sales for a business and want to share the joy with you. Imagine having a store that does not require rent, can reach anyone in the world and serves customers 24/7; an e-commerce platform provides that and many more!

Busy Bee harnesses the power of shopify development (one of the leading e-commerce platforms) to create amazing virtual stores for your company. Regardless if you would like to create a new platform or migrate from an older one, Busy Bees will ensure that it is a stunning success.

The best e-commerce websites know how to efficiently convert incoming traffic to sales by focusing on the customer experience. With a customer centric approach our Bees will tailor make the store to have your customers reaching for their cards.

How to build a successful E-commerce Website ?

Seamless Experience1
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The shopping flow and experience must be seamless and enjoyable to the customer. A bad experience can stop many users from buying on your platform. Everything that customers interact with must be designed with a user-centric approach.
Support Leading Payment
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We offer the freedom to choose from a variety of payment providers to support. However, it is always a good idea to support a decent handful of providers. This gives customers an easier chance to make payment and avoids locking out others without the supported payment methods.
Secure and Protected3
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It would be a nightmare to have customer details and payments leaked to the internet. As a business we have the responsibility to look after sensitive information. As such a good e-commerce platform is one that is secured against attacks.
Inventory Management System4
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Having a user friendly IMS system is essential in an e-commerce website as it is used daily to update or add new inventory into your store. By using Shopify development at Busy Bees, we already have one that is trusted by many others baked in.
Responsive Design5
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Users can want to shop anywhere from their phones to their computers. We need to make sure that the store looks good in every format so that we can avoid locking out potential customers and turning them away from the platform.
Integrated Payment Confirmation6
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An e-commerce solution should be able to generate receipts upon confirmation and provide them automatically to customers. This serves to improve user experience and sets customers at ease knowing their payment has gone through.
Branding at the Forefront7
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Being experienced at branding and e-commerce marketing in Penang. Busy Bee can combine the knowledge of both to deliver a shop that has your brand design in its DNA. A familiar and established brand will help to build trust with shoppers.
Keeping it Simple8
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At Busy Bee’s we practice the KISS (keep it simple, silly) concept when designing stores. We want the focus of the pages to be the product as that is what customers are ultimately interested in; not the clutter.

Benefits of running
an e-commerce platform

Brand And Product Visibility

Customers can easily find out about your brand and products through the web. This improves customer perception of brand trustworthiness and increases the likelihood of sales.

Increase Sales Volume

Naturally by having a store that is able to serve customers anywhere 24/7 will lead to an increase of the customer base. In most cases such large increases can propel businesses to huge expansions!

Low Upkeep Costs

Aside from the price of running a server to host the platform, there is very little costs involved in maintaining an e-commerce website. Compared to a brick-and-mortar business, this will lead to higher profits.

Ease of Advertising

A surprising benefit of running an online store is that it provides easy access to several affordable methods of advertising. Take for example, Busy Bees has been running e-commerce marketing within Penang with stellar results for multiple businesses.

User friendly Inventory Management

Our e-commerce websites come with inventory management systems built for business admins to easily manage the products sold on the store. You will be able to get new products and remove old products in no time.

Quick Buying Process

Customers get to enjoy a streamlined buying process when they are looking for products. Instead of having to go out personally to get items, they can find it online in the comforts of their homes. The added convenience increases chances of converting customers into returning ones.

How we fine-tune your e-commerce solution

With transparency at the center of our core values, below you will find how we build and deploy your new platform.


Knowing You Competitors We will deploy scout bees to learn about the market environment that you are operating in and gather information regarding potential competitors.


Formulating A Plan Using information gathered, we will formulate a plan with you to hit development goals as well as stay one step ahead of competitors.


Hitting The Design Table During this stage, Busy Bee will get to work on a design that is optimized around your brand image and consumer habits. We want this store to be the proud face of your e-commerce brand.


Brewing Your Site Once designs are finalized and approved, Bees will immediately start work in building the foundations of the platform all the way until completion. Rest assured as we will keep you posted regarding the progress throughout.


Making Sure It Works Test, test, and test; our bees will run comprehensive tests on your new e-commerce website, making sure everything is working perfectly.


Launch Once tests have been passed, we are now ready for the grand launch of your online store! Set a date and you’ll be accepting new orders before you even know it. Don't worry though, we’ll be around if there are any problems during and after launch.

Quality stores we delivered on

Below are the amazing stores we have had the pleasure to be a part of

Our eCommerce Packages

There is one to suit every need


  • Template eCommerce

  • Up to 10 SKU

  • Up to 5 Pages

  • Free 5 Stock Images

  • Whatsapp Chat

  • Inventory Management

  • Shipping Fulfillment

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • 1 Sales Conversion Tools
    Loox Review 

  • FREE 1 Month Maintenance




  • Customized eCommerce

  • Up to 30 SKU

  • Up to 10 Pages

  • Free 10 Stock Images

  • Live Chat

  • Inventory Management

  • Shipping Fulfillment

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • 3 Conversion Tools
    Loox Review 
    Abandoned Cart Recovery
    Sales Booster

  • FREE 2 Months Maintenance




  • Branded eCommerce

  • Up to 50 SKU

  • Up to 15 Pages

  • Free 20 Stock Images

  • Live Chat

  • Inventory Management

  • Shipping Fulfillment

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • 5 Conversion Tools
    Loox Review 
    Abandoned Cart Recovery
    Sales BoosterUpsell & Cross Selling Points & Rewards Feature

  • Free 3 Months Maintenance




Having an e-commerce platform allows you to serve customers anywhere at any time. It opens up your business to a much larger market and revenue stream.

You can refer to our above packages for a guideline depending on what features you want. However, it ultimately comes down to the scale of your website.

We have already been offering our e-commerce marketing services in Penang. Now with the development of online conferencing tools, we can offer these services to you regardless of geological location. With our experience in marketing and SEO we can make sure your store is seen by your intended audience with ease.

We can provide support for many of the leading payment providers such as Visa and Mastercard. However the choice on what and how many to support is ultimately down to you. Do contact our Bees for more information regarding payments.

Rest assured, after we have finished building your e-commerce website, we will provide all the support and learning to teach you and your company how to effectively manage it and generate sales.

Having many years of experience in Shopify development, we can assure you that it comes with a fully fledged market ready inventory management system for you to add, delete and modify product details on a whim!

Invest in an online e-commerce
platform with Busy Bee today!

We will help bring your sales into the stratosphere.