Harnessing the power of
social media marketing to
generate leads for businesses.

Here at Busy Bees Penang we know our way around social media campaigns and how to generate leads from views.

The era of
social media

We offer solutions that potentially reach millions of users in a blink of an eye.

With 86% of the Malaysian population being active users of social media, it is no surprise that companies are looking to capitalize in this field. Our Bees know that the best way to get everyone’s attention is by going to where they all congregate. Having helped countless brands launch social media campaigns with roaring success, the time to go digital would be now.

Perhaps you need Facebook advertising, or Instagram ads, or even a Tiktok promotional video. We have you covered in all aspects. We even create professional advertising on LinkedIn. Here at Busy Bees we strive to be your go-to agent for impactful digital marketing services.

How social media
marketing can help?

Reach Large Audiences

All major social media platforms have millions of active users on a daily basis. By running advertising campaigns on them, you have the ability to reach millions in a matter of seconds.

Promote Branding

Social media is a great place to show the fun side of your brand. A well placed advertisement can do wonders for a brand’s image overnight.

Build Trust

The whole idea behind social media is keeping in touch with one’s social circle. By approaching customers within their social circle and gaining social acceptance, brands will be seen as more trustworthy. Just like a well known friend.

Share News and Events

By having a platform of loyal followers, it is very easy to quickly and effectively share company news and events.

Improve Brand Image

When users see informative and helpful posts from brands, they will associate positivity with that brand. Posting regularly can help brands create, improve and maintain an amazing brand image in the eyes of consumers.

Reach Competitor’s Audience

Since the fans of competing brands most likely share the same type of interest, it is quite easy to reach the audience of competitors through Facebook’s interest tagging system.

Choose Which Platform to Start With?

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world with a host of active users across all age groups so there is a high chance your target demographic is engaging with the platform.

Facebook advertising comes with a host of great features allowing you to curate the specific target audience you want through location, occupation, interests and many more.
Instagram ads are the ideal platform for brands with visually appealing products or items that can easily be made into visual media. It has 58% higher engagement rate than Facebook but generally the user base is towards the younger end of the spectrum.
Tik Tok
Tik Tok is infamous for its short video formats which also are ideal for quick and flashy video advertisements. Quickly growing in popularity as a platform, it is an amazing choice for brands targeting younger audiences.
Xiao Hong Shu
Touted as China’s answer to Instagram, it boasts an amazing 100 million active users. With 83% of the active users around the age of 18-35 and majority of them female. It is the perfect platform for young fashionable brands targeting the chinese market.

Why engage us?

Professionally Trained in Advertising1
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The Bees in our hive have all been professionally trained in advertising skills. They are experts at reaching large audiences with content.
We Take Lead Generation Seriously2
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We will pull no stops in generating leads for your business through advertisement. Satisfaction guaranteed is our motto to customers.
Constantly Keeping Up to date3
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Busy Bee strives to constantly stay on top of new trends and keep up to date with different markets in order to create the most relevant marketing campaigns for you.
Optimized Marketing4
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Using our extensive knowledge and experience to optimize your advertisement so that you can achieve the best ROI.
Long Term Mindset5
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We want your success and our partnership to last long term. Hence, all the campaigns we run will focus on generating sustainable leads that can help grow your company.
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Working with our partners, we promise to always be fully transparent about our processes and work with clients every step of the way.

How we get you known.

Our 6 step process that puts businesses on the map.


Competitor Research Finding out everything there is to know about other competitors in the market. We want to learn what they do well and improve upon their failures.


Planning Next, we will hone a plan for you to get the most out of your marketing campaign to perfection. Ensuring it targets the correct audience, uses the correct platform and has the right content.


Content Creation Once planning has been completed and approved, we will proceed with creation of content to be used for marketing. Our team will iterate over content until ready for the market, keeping you updated along the way.


Design An important step of marketing is to come up and propose designs that can fulfill marketing intentions. Rest assured, with our experience we will only propose all-star designs to you.


Publish Once content has been designed and created, we need to get it up on the correct platform of your choosing.


Advertise The final step is in making sure the content reaches the intended audience. This intricate step involves specifically targeting audiences that can generate the most leads for your business, giving you the best ROI through marketing.

Brands who trust
our Bees with marketing

Our Bees have been helping to bring home sweet honey to each and every brand listed below.

Social media packages

There is one to suit every need


  • Social Media Channel

  • 10 posts/month

  • 1 Cover Photo

  • Visual Design

  • Copywriting

  • 2 Ads Campaign
    1 Traffic Ads  1 Page Engagement Ads

  • Ads Visual Creation

  • Ads Copy

  • Monthly Reporting 




  • Social Media Channel
    Facebook & Instagram

  • 12 posts/month

  • 1 Cover Photo

  • Visual Design

  • Copywriting

  • Up to 3 Ads Campaign:
    1 Conversion Ads  1 Lead Generation / Traffic Ads
    1 Page Engagement Ads

  • Ads Visual Creation

  • Ads Copy

  • Monthly Reporting 




  • Social Media Channel
    Facebook & Instagram & TikTok/小红书

  • 15 posts/month

  • 1 Cover Photo

  • Visual Design

  • Copywriting

  • Up to 5 Ads Campaign:
    2 Conversion Ads  2 Lead Generation / Traffic Ads
    1 Page Engagement

  • Ads Visual Creation

  • Ads Copy

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Monthly Reporting 




30% of all time spent online is on social media platforms. The best way to get seen by customers around the world now is to find them on social media.

While Facebook is a good starting point, it really depends on your target audience. Key details to consider are your audience age, gender, spending habits as well as your product design.


At Busy Bee, we offer Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, Tiktok advertisements just to name a few. Inquire with us to find out how we can help your business.

Usually higher spend translates to better performance on ads. But it also depends on the quality of social media content. However, there is always a sweet spot considering brand size and we are committed to helping you find it.

They usually charge per engagement with the post you have decided to advertise. You can set a budget and finetune what target demographic to advertise to. We offer services to manage advertising or if you prefer not to spend on advertising, the content can also be managed as a regular post.

Social media campaigns are a great fit for all sizes of businesses as they are very easily scalable. They offer a huge boost in customer engagement regardless of if your business is small or big.

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