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A brand is the centerpiece of what consumers perceive a company to be. Having a professionally designed brand image will steer the direction in which customers interact with your business positively.

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We specialize in getting brands out there, making sure they are seen by millions.

Busy Bee wants the world to see your company in the best light possible. To this end we offer specialized digital branding services that are aimed at creating brand strategies that get you noticed. We do not just design logos, we position your whole brand for success.

It does not matter if you are a startup brand or wanting to refresh your current brand positioning. Here at Busy Bee we offer the whole digital branding package to get your brand exactly where it needs to be.

Our experience tells us that brand positioning extends past just the website and logos. The font used, color scheme, marketing campaigns all contribute towards how customers perceive a brand. So with our focus on brand positioning, we aim to help set your brand up for success.

How do you want to start your brand?

New brand1
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We have your back if you want to introduce a new brand to the market. This involved launching and getting the attention needed for people to notice your brand. First impressions are crucial so we will have to penetrate the market with a plan
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Perhaps you already have a brand but would like to reposition yourself within the market. We know that markets change with time and a shift is needed, which is why our bees can help relaunch your brand into a better spot within the market.
Mass Market Branding3
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If your product line specialized in selling to the masses you would want an image that appeals to the mass market. You'd want customers to know that you are convenient, approachable and are value-for-money.
Premium Branding4
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Perhaps you're more focused on selling a premium product or service. You'd want an image that exudes exclusivity and quality and we can help you get there.
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Regardless of your market segment; a brand should always appear trustworthy to customers, otherwise it would be hard to ask them to part with their hard earned money. Having the right brand identity can get you that recognition from the public.
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Depending on your target audience, you may want to appear professional. A branding strategy positioned around the theme of integrity would help to appeal to corporate customers.
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If your brand is targeting a younger audience and depending on market segments, having a friendly image can make it much more appealing to customers. At Busy Bee, we are masters at making brands approachable. Just take a look at our website design.
Core Values8
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A good brand identity needs to take into account the various values and beliefs of the underlying company. The values of companies should align with that of their target audience.

What does branding consist of ?

Branding Strategy and Purpose

A strategy is a guideline on how to achieve the desired brand image in front of customers. This includes long term action plans on development of company values as well as a direction of growth.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

Combining aspects of color scheme, font design, artistic imagery to create the perfect logo to represent your brand is a huge first step in any branding campaign. Additionally, It also pays to put attention into developing the identity that customers associate with your brand.

Brand Tone, Naming and Slogans

Using the correct language tone, names and slogans throughout is an integral part of a company’s brand identity. Success comes from having the right combination that reflects a brand’s values.

Branding Assets

After establishing a strategy and purpose, you should formulate a plan on the distribution of brand assets. It is a comprehensive guide on how brand logos, colors and typography should be distributed. You can also consider other asset types such as name cards, media banners and email signatures.

How we build stellar brands

Learn how we will work with you from the beginning to the end on positioning your brand for success.


Getting to Know the Market To set the whole process out on the right path, the most important thing is to understand the target market. What are consumers looking for?


Developing Strategies Once we know the values of the customers, it is time to build robust strategies to position you in place of favor within that market.


Design Ideas Creating branding designs and solutions pertaining to the strategy to help you create an ecosystem centered around your brand.


Present We will present the end product to you and iterate over it until it has reached perfection.

The Elite Brands in our Portfolio

Find out about some renowned brands we have been working with.

eco mum & baby

100% natural, plant-based, toxic free and effective products that are safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.

MyCore Academy

The Academy specialized team helps students from outside Malaysia to obtain high school certificate equivalency so they can register in the Ministry of Education.

Aloha Patisserie

Establishments producing and selling flour-based food like cakes, cookies, and pastries are what bakeries are all about.


A set of characteristics and identity that is easily recognisable and is used to enhance the reputation of your product and services. Brands can range anywhere from a small startup brand to large multinational brands.

Branding is important in positioning yourself within the market. It involves brand strategy, naming, company tone and identity. Without a clear position within the market, customers may not be interested since they do not know who you are targeting products and services for.

Brands are much more than just a logo. The process involves deep market research and analysis and devising a plan that fits the brand. It is a lengthy process that requires the creative effort of multiple skilled professionals.

A brand encompasses an ideology. As long as the products and services are inline with the brand’s design, there should be no problems expanding the items under the brand. To this end, it is important to have a great branding strategy that takes into account future growth and expansion.

Yes, a brand embodies your message and beliefs. Having one will reassure existing customers while enticing potential new customers. In the long run, while your brand grows, the message and audience can grow with your brand.

Great branding usually leads to increased profitability and market performance, as having a positive brand image is a key asset in driving sales. Branding done right will bring the company and audience together in powerful ways.

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