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For the creatives, spotlight searching and eye-pleasing brands amongst us, we can grow your image along with your influence through Instagram ads.

What is Instagram Marketing?
Instagram marketing is using various free and paid tools throughout the ecosystem to grow your brand identity and reach with the audience. For example, you may consistently post insightful ideas or eye-catching images of your store to your instagram story, in order to attract the attention of the public. The key to success in this social media marketing field is to appear genuine and to stay on top of consistency.
What is Instagram Advertising?
Getting onto people’s feed through the power of paid advertising. You can elect to pay for posts which will appear naturally when users are scrolling through their feeds as a result of the interest profile Instagram has marked them for. By matching interest to your advertised product or service, this leads to much higher quality traffic being led to your platform.
What’s Influencer Marketing?
Just like how brands have used celebrities to promote their products, Instagram influencer marketing holds a similar impact. We can reach out and get talented Influencers to talk about your brand today! Seeing influencers recommending a brand would pique the interest of those who follow them.

What benefits can effective
Instagram Marketing bring?

Increase Brand Awareness

People tend to trust things that are repeated to them frequently. When they see your brand and products on a daily basis, they are likely to know and develop a connection with your brand.

Increase Website SEO

The huge boost of traffic to your website can be a crucial factor in driving you to the top of search engine results. It’s no surprise as 73% of adults use social media nearly every single day.

Outpace Competition

Instagram is the go-to space for creating followers. Through the use of influencer marketing, it is possible to tap into their loyal followers and build a group of fans for your brand faster than your competition can even imagine.

Lower Cost

The cost to acquire a lead is generally much lower than traditional methods such as newspaper, commercials and radios.

Increased Sales

WIth the increase of quality traffic diverted to your platform, ones who are much more likely to convert due to aligned interest, you will generally see a healthy boost to sales.

Provide Customer Insight

Knowing your audience is one of the most crucial parts of any business. Through Instagram marketing, you can learn about their interests, race, gender and many more. All the better to help design improved campaigns and generate returns on investment.

Why engage us?

We Know the Market1
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With all our years of experience in creating instagram ads for our clients, it is safe to say we know many of the market and platform user base. So no matter what field your brand is in, we have got you covered.
Multilingual Marketing2
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Whether it is in Bahasa Malayu, English or Chinese, we can create the advertising for you so you won’t lose out on your target demographic.
Building Lasting Relationships3
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Busy Bee wants to build lasting relationships with your clients. We will work directly with you to create a campaign that works exclusively for you.
Data Driven4
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We will analyze how your campaign is doing and create reports around key metrics in order for you to estimate your returns.
Quality as a Focus5
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We focus on producing top quality content for our clients. When there is better, good is simply not enough.
Always Have your Back6
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Our team is always on call to respond to any changing needs in your business or enquiries. When the market changes, we will quickly tweak your campaign along the way to ensure optimal performance.

How to become the next Instagram famous brand

Below is our 6 step process for you to reach the world.


Consult We want to hear from you! Any targets, goals, specifications that you may have. We’ll plan around exactly what you want to achieve.


Planning In order to get the results we want, it is impeccable to come up with a great plan. We’ll draft out a marketing campaign strategy centered around your goals.


Content Creation Next up, we’ll write up and create the content that will be used for your amazing Instagram campaign. All our top talent will be working for perfection with your content.


Design Once content is created, we’ll need to design your campaign and post. Making sure that it looks absolutely stunning.


Publish With everything set and ready, we’ll put your content online for the world to see. It is time to propel your brand to fame!


Advertise For extra reach and popularity, you can opt to perform paid advertising and we will help you balance cost with performance.

The fabulous brands
that work with us.

We’ve put these brands on the map, and we can put you there too!


It does not happen overnight, you need to stay on top of your game to come up with a strategy, analyze your performance and constantly optimize the campaign. We are experts at this so you can relax and leave it to us!

More than 500 million users are on the platform daily, and Instagram offers extensive tools to monetize posts, selling products and building brand reputations which can add up quickly. It can be a great source to kickstart your brand growth.

It really comes down to your goals. When you want to showcase your brand, products and you have plenty of visual content, Instagram is an amazing platform to consume it. For example, Instagram stories is a fast growing way to spotlight the personality of your brand.

Sadly, there is no instantaneous way to fame. It requires hardwork and patience as well as the right support. A possible tactic could be to try influencer marketing and have them act as your brand ambassador, encouraging others to try your products.

This is one of the things we use to measure success in our marketing strategies. Over the campaign our Bees will monitor the performance of your post, study the habits of your audience and optimize future content to increase engagement.

A set of tactics we employ to help increase the chances of you showing up when people conduct searches on the platform. This will improve natural traffic to your brand page.

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